Designed to offer maximum comfort through quality, durability and safety, Manwah mechanics offer:

  • A well-balanced reclining mechanism with optimum reclining performance
  • A tubular steel structure that gives consistent size and stability
  • Silicon stop-pins, eliminating steel-to steel contact and reducing wear and noise when reclining
  • Long life proven by rigorous testing
  • Easy push back to full recline position
  • Dual operation-Manual and power
Power Motion
  • Fingertip controls for simple operation

  • Effortless motion that allows full reclining comfort for all ages

  • New dual headrest operation - manual and power (optional, independently driven motorized headrest)

New Products

New Open Base Mechanism:

Allows for outstanding additional leg extension and support, greater layout in full recline position and open base that leaves room for cleaning underneath.

Mechanism 1

Zero Wall Mechanism:

Allows for close-to-wall proximity that accommodates any room, allowing you to save space within your living area while still offering outstanding reclining positions.

Mechanism 2

Safety Comes First AND Last
Your favorite recliner shouldn’t pose a threat to little ones which is why we developed our Safe Gear Design to protect children from being caught in moving parts.