Man Wah began in 1992 as a small sofa company in South China and has gone on to become an international sofa manufacturing conglomerate specialized in the design and production of motion sofas.

It has been listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange (code: HK 1999) since 2010 with a current market capital estimated at 3 billion USD. As a market leader in the furniture industry, Man Wah’s mission is to fulfill its social responsibility through sustainability and to create recliners that combine comfort, health, and quality for every family.


Our integrated research and development, manufacturing, wholesale, and retail divisions combine with our operational SAP to strengthen the company’s competitive position by offering financial stability. By investing in systems, technology and a series of streamlined process programs like workforce productivity improvement, Man Wah improves profitability by creating operational efficiency.

Over the years, the company has developed close relationships with a variety of high quality international suppliers. As the result, the company benefits from industry leading insight into emerging consumer and product trends which helps Man Wah to anticipate for and take advantage of shifts in market trends.

Along with supporting teams dedicated to purchasing, warehousing, quality inspection, our business has grown tremendously over the years to approximately 10,000 employees currently (not including retail store sales people in the China market).



Man Wah has 3 major production plants in China located in the center of the 3 most economic developed regions with a monthly capacity of 9500 containers (40 HQ) in total under full utilization:


Wujiang near Shanghai, East China


Tian Jin near Beijing, Northeast China


Daya Bay near Shenzhen & Hong Kong, financial center of South China


New Facility at Daya Bay near Shenzhen & Hong Kong, financial center of South China


Our mechanism production facility increases our operational agility because we are able to develop and reconfigure its complexes to meet evolving consumer demand for various product categories. All foam materials are made with our own innovative formula, guaranteeing the quality from the source while wood materials are sourced from internationally recognized, well-managed, sustainability protected forests. Raw materials, such as leather and fabric, are not only rigorously tested in house, but have been additionally tested in third party labs such as STC and SGS to ensure the utmost quality.


1. Pioneering Production Technology

We utilize the latest industrial, efficient CNC and sewing machines and precise, computer automated fabric and wood cutting processes, all operated by well-trained and experienced personnel.


2. Our Detail-Oriented Production Process


Where design concepts become reality, our First Prototype (Master Sample) allows us to study each part in detail to set size and quality standards for mass production.


Production Image

  1. Our foam is produced daily on our in-house production line and is molded to required shape and size for various uses.
  2. Quality Inspection for wood, covering materials, ready-made foam and mechanism.
  3. Fabric and leather cut with extreme care by precise, automatic cutting machines using templates to ensure standard size and shape for each piece.
  4. After inspection that removes all damaged or knotted materials, wood is cut by automated cutting machine to the required sizes.
  5. Finished wood components are sent to carpentry workshop to be assembled into frames.
  6. Preformed foam pieces are added to the frame.


The prepared components are delivered to the upholstery line to be assembled. The finished upholstery undergoes strict quality inspection and cannot be packed until final quality approval. Product is then labeled and sent to warehouse for shipping.

Values and Community

Man Wah utilizes solar power in all our production plants to protect the environment by reducing green-house gas emissions and all wood components used in our products are harvested from well-managed, FSC-certified forests. The company also engages in numerous charity events, making yearly donations to the nursing homes, and has also founded several education funds for the local community. In this way, we realize our commitment to our community and our planet.



The company has 1793 retail stores under the brand CHEERS in most Chinese cities and has opened our license to franchisees as well. With its own logistic and production facility, as well as the rapid development of online and retail store operations, CHEERS has become well recognized in mainland China as one of the most popular living room furniture brands for its outstanding quality and value.


Our international sales network has expanded to almost every country on earth and every year we participate the world’s biggest furniture fair, making our services and products available to the entire world. We have permanent showrooms in Las Vegas and the High Point Market for the convenience of the four furniture fairs held in the United States every year and we take part in the IMM cologne fair in Germany every January as well. We also have a booth at 1000 SQM on average every March and September in Guangzhou (CIFF China international furniture fair) and Shanghai (China Furniture Exhibition)respectively.